Reclaiming the Parthenon sculptures

The formidable Parthenon Sculptures, so brutally dislodged by Lord Elgin from 1801 to 1812, constitute a unique case since they depict the dismemberment of a whole monument and not of a stand-alone work of art.The Club for UNESCO of Piraeus and Islands and its President and Member of the Executive board of the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and associations (WFUCA), Mr Ioannis Maronitis, aiming to raise public awareness and sensitize the global community concerning the importance and fairness of the return of the sculptures, held an international convention on the following issue: “The Acropolis; a Unique World Cultural Heritage Monument, the return of the Sculptures”. During the convention, we were glad to present the official premiere of the “Ode for the return of the marbles” by the composer Mr. Zorze Katris. A symphonic, choral hymn, based on the correlation between Pythagorean math and the lexarithms of the Ancient Greek alphabet. The golden ratio (φ) of the Hymn, characterizes the Parthenon’s architecture.